Friday, September 13, 2013

The latests "How To"

So, I have received a lot of emails requesting two things:

1. How to make sure our blogs do not have the navigation bar on the top that reads "search blogs and next blog or previous blog"?  If a student clicks "next blog" it is taken to a random blog outside our school domain.


2. How do I retract an email after I sent it?  If I changed my mind after I send my email or maybe I sent it by mistake, how do I retract it?

I decided to post the answers to these questions below.  I think they will be helpful for all of us!

1. How to remove the navigation bar on Blogger blogs:

First, log in to your Blogger.  You can do this by logging in through the district's website and clicking on the Google Apps icon on the right, typing your username and password and then clicking on the "blogger" icon on the left.  You can also log in to your gmail through Google on any browser; you will be taken to your email.  Click on "more" at the top and choose "blogger"

Once in blogger:
1. Click on your blog's name
2. Click on "layout" on the left and then click on "edit" on the Navbar gadget as shown in the picture below

3. Click on "off" to turn off the navigation bar as shown in the picture below- It will not show "search blogs, next blog or previous blog"
4. That's it!

2. How to retract an email after sending it:

Click on this link to view a step by step tutorial on how to add this feature to your Gmail.

1- Log in to Gmail and go to the gear shaped icon, click on it and click on the word settings.
2- Under settings, click on the word "labs" and type the words "undo send" in the search for a lab box and press enter
3- Locate the "undo send" lab and click on the "enable" button, save changes at the bottom of the page before exiting.
4- in the main gmail page, click AGAIN on the gear and then on the word "settings"
5- In the "general" tab, scroll down to locate the lab we have just added.  Check the "enable undo send" and set the duration for the cancellation period to 30 seconds.
6- After this, click on "save changes" for the settings to take effect.
7- That is it!

To test this, compose and draft an email message.  Simply type the text and send the email by clicking on the send button at the bottom of your compose window.  Right after sending the message, on the main page of your email, you will see the notification of your last action on the top.  If you wish to retract the sent message, click on the "undo" link shown.  There is a window of 30 seconds to retract a message as per the settings shown earlier.
The message will be retracted on clicking "undo".  You can now make changes to this message and either send it or save it to drafts.

Hope you find this post useful! e-mail me with more tutorial requests or comments.


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