Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The power of everywhere!

Ever wonder how to get all of your documents accessible to you anywhere, anytime? with Google Drive you can. You don't have to learn another password or another website! Simply log in to your gmail account and click on the word "Drive" on the top black bar of your page. This will take you to your "Drive" but....what is Google "Drive" you may ask.

 Google Drive is a virtual space only assigned to you, accessible only to you any time any where from any device (desktop computers, Smart phones and tablets) It's like a computer's hard drive where you normally save all your documents. You can upload existing documents to your Google Drive or create new ones. You can "share" documents with anyone in the district rather than emailing and remembering to "attach" the document.

 If you are a teacher, you can share assignments or documents with your students and they can share theirs with you. The students can also create presentations, text-based documents (research papers, essays, etc)spreadsheets, forms and even drawings.

 Click on this video tutorial that shows how to access your Google Drive and how to upload existing documents to it so you can access them anywhere.

 I'm always happy to teach your class or your colleagues how to use Google Drive, so do not hesitate to "book" time with me so I can show you! You can "book now" here.


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