Monday, February 10, 2014

Want to learn more about Google Apps and Chrome?

Join me for a webinar through Google hangouts!

In this hour course you will learn how to use Google Chrome Apps and extensions with your students. We will explore some apps and  you will learn how to integrate these apps into existing lessons as well as how you might use them for future lessons. - This course is available for sign up through MLPRequirements:Be familiar with Google Chrome

This is a live Webinar.  Click on the video below to view it on the day of the broadcast 3/24, 2:30-3:30  PM EST.  Clicking on the video below will allow you to view only.  If you want to post questions, use the link below that says "HERE"

Please make sure you register by RSVP or MyLearningPlan.

Click HERE to access it on the day of the broadcast.  When you click on "HERE" you will be taken to the Event page.  On this page, you can RSVP by answering "YES" to the "Will you watch, attend?"  Also, on the event page you can post your Questions on the Q&A section on the top of the video.  You can ask questions even before the event starts.  Your questions will be queued and answer in the order received.


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