Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Creating Math and Algebra worksheets with Google Docs: Not impossible anymore!

We have all been frustrated with the fact that we couldn't type 
math equations in Google Docs.  Well, the answer to our prayers
is here!  g(Math) is an new "add-on" for Google Docs.  Simply 
open up a new Google Document, click on add ons and search 
for g(math).  Add it to your Google Docs and you will have it 
available for every Google Doc you decide to use it in. 

Check this video created by +Jeremy Bell  he does a very good 
job at explaining how to use it.

But wait! There's more! Read Below the video and you will learn how to 

create quizzes containing Math!

Happy algebraic writing!

 From the same Creator John McGowan and from his blog 

 g(Math) for Sheets is now live in the Chrome Store. It has

 the same interface and features of g(Math). It will insert your 

math expressions or graph directly into the selected cell as 

an image.

The part I am most excited about is the g(Math) Quick Quiz 

Creator part of g(Math) for Sheets.

How do you create a form easily that contains math?

1. Use g(Math) to create math in your Spreadsheet and then

 select g(Math) Quick Quiz Creator from the g(Math) menu.

2. Select the range of questions that you want to make into 

form questions.

3. Click Preview. It will confirm your selection and ask you if 

you want to Proceed to make a quiz using that question 


4. Click Proceed and enter the Form Title name in the box.

5. When you click Create Form, my minions will make your 

Form containing the questions you selected in your 

highlighted column. You will see the message popup in the 

bottom of the Sidebar to see that it is working.

6. After the Form is created a Popup Window will tell you the 

URL to edit your form.

7. Go to the Form to further edit your questions if needed. I 

made the directions of each question Solve to streamline the 

quiz creation process. You probably want to edit the question 


8. You will notice that there is a response box under each 

question. This is actually a blank question with a text

 response. You can change this to Multiple Choice if you want

 (or any other type of Form question that is allowed). You 

cannot insert images into Multiple Choice options yet.

In the form response destination, each of the question 

responses in the header row will be blank, you need to 

manually type in the question you want to use (or use 

g(Math) to insert the image in that row).

Live Form:

Response Spreadsheet:

Now you can create Google Forms containing math easily!!

Thank you +John McGowan!


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