Sunday, September 14, 2014

Start the year right with these Gmail Hacks.

After a full first week of school under your belt, you must feel like you still have to get a lot of things organized.  Here are some hacks that could help you be a little more efficient and organized.

4 Gmail Hacks
  1. Wish you had an "undo" send button for those Oops moments when you sent an email you weren't ready to send yet.  Now you can!  

To enable this, simply go to your "settings" under the gear shaped icon on the top right-hand side of your screen, click on it and click on "settings" again. You will see this screen:

Click on "labs, scroll down to see "undo send" and enable it.  You will have up to 30 seconds to undo your send.  But hey, that's better than 0 seconds!

2. View your Calendar right on your email- It is very annoying to have to go to your calendar for a quick glance at what your day is going to look like.  With the calendar lab, you can see your calendar right on your email window.  It is very convenient.  To enable this lab, follow the steps mentioned above and look for "Google Calendar Gadget" click on "enable to add it to your email screen. It will look like this:

3.  Enable Chat: Why go the phone when your colleague is a click away? enable the chat in Gmail and communicate faster with colleagues.  You can even use it to contact Mike Bastian for any School Tool related issues this way- ( He suggested I tell you it is the easiest and fastest way for him to help you live with your SchoolTool issues)  And you can also reach me for a quick question.  I am always available.  Click on Settings again and go to the Chat tab. Click "on" to enable your chat.  I have also made my chat available on the right hand side of my gmail screen (See picture from hack#1 above). This gives my calendar view room on the left of the screen.

4.  De-Clutter your inbox with mail filtering.  Did you know you can tell gmail to put certain emails in folders automatically for you?  You can do this by selecting the email you want to have go to a folder automatically.  Once selected, you will see the "more"options on the top of the screen.  click on "more" and then click on "filter messages like this"  Gmail will show you a window where you can specify the "sender" and other options.  Click on "create filter with this search" and then tell gmail what you would like to do with that email.  You can skip the inbox (meaning it will not land on your inbox-so no clutter), send the email to a folder by applying a "label" or completely delete the email if you wish.

I hope these hacks are useful to you.  They have certainly helped me!
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