Friday, November 14, 2014

Power Up your Google Forms with these tips

It's time to Power Up your Google Forms.

You probably have used Google forms to create quizzes for your students - if you have not thought about using Google Forms for that, then you might want to still watch this 3 min tutorial ;)

Using Google Forms for quiz creation is an excellent tool, especially if you are a Google Apps for EDU district.  With Google Forms, you can create quizzes that will collect all answers in one spreadsheet, making it easier for you to grade and to sort the data collected.

Google Forms has recently been improved.  For example, you can now shuffle the questions order for every student, allow only one submission per student and what's more- and my favorite- you can now use "Add-Ons" which enhance the already awesome features of Google Forms and make them even better!

If you create a new Form now, you will see an "Add-Ons" menu item along side file, edit and tools. Click on it and then click on "get "Add-Ons"  You will see great add ons such as FormLimiter and Form Notifications.

In this quick video, I will walk you through the new features, I will show you how to get to the Add-Ons and how to use FormLimiter.

Hope you find this helpful! please share if you do.

Want to get started with Google Forms? click here.


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