Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Google Docs newest features: Document Outline and Doc expiration dates

One of the things I  like about Google Docs is how often they are updated and improved.  The latest improvements are Document outline and Document expiration dates.

Document Outlines will help you navigate lengthy documents by showing you the different headers and sub titles of the document on a navigation side bar.  You need to go to "tools" and then "document outline"
 If you do not normally use headers or forgot to add headers to your document, Google will do that automatically for you...#winwin

The next feature is Expiration Dates on Drive, Docs, Slides and Sheets.  You can now set expiration dates on these types of files.  Many times we work with projects that involve other people.  We share the document/folder with others; this gives them perpetual access to those documents unless we manually go into the document and remove their access (you have to remember to do setting a timer or calendar alert?) With the newest release, you can now set an expiration date of the documents at the same time you are sharing them.  No need for reminders! You can also apply this new feature to older documents/folders you have shared.

I explain how to use these two new features in the video below.  Hope you find them helpful too :)


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